Neer Premium Tea

Neer from MDPH is a premium range of tea, processed with the optimum quality tea leaves, handpicked especially from the tea gardens in India. A beautiful colour and intoxicating aroma will embrace you as the tea brews.


365 Days Tea

365 Days Tea is an optimum quality tea enriched with laung and elaichi making it anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory; ultimately the best for your health. Enticing colour and alluring aroma of tea itself reassures you the top-notch ingredients.


Zed Black Premium Tea

A cup of green tea in the morning rids body of any existing toxins energising it so you stay fit an active. Zed Black Premium Tea is the green tea, processed with carefully selected high quality tea leaves, which are then, processed using the Crush Tear and Curl (CTC) method to ensure the best.


Jhalak Tea

Tea is an essential commodity in every Indian house hold, our day is incomplete without a cup of hot ‘kadak-chai’. Jhalak tea from MDPH group brings you exactly kadak cup of chai with added benefits of elaichi (cardamom) that not only enhances the taste but also detox your entire body, so you stay fit and active.


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